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NICOLE Innovation Awards 2023

We invite you to submit abstracts for the NICOLE Innovation Awards 2023, which will be awarded during the NICOLE Workshop in Paris, 11 -12 May 2023.

The submission deadline for your abstract/application is 6 April 2023 COB.

The NICOLE Innovation Award 2023 will comprise 2 Awards. The first one, the NICOLE Innovative project Award is aiming to reward innovative solutions and a second one, the NICOLE Emerging Talent Award is aiming to recognise the outstanding innovative achievements and contributions made by professionals.

1. The topic of the NICOLE Innovative project Award 2023 is:

Innovative remediation, monitoring control technologies, products and management options to deal with challenging contaminants, leading to time and/or cost-efficient sustainable remediation solutions.

2. The NICOLE Emerging Talent Award 2023 is reaching out to early career professionals. 

The NICOLE Professional Award aims to recognise those who are really embracing innovation and embracing the innovative culture especially at an early stage in their careers in sustainable land management. For this particular award we are not interested in one specific development but rather the overall personal approach to innovation.

General Announcement NICOLE Innovation Awards

The NICOLE Innovation Awards 2023 are open to individuals or groups of people, irrespective of NICOLE membership.

The Jury consists of the NICOLE Innovation Working Group (preselection) and the NICOLE workshop participants.

The Jury will select the top 3 entries for each award based on the criteria listed in the call. Based on this preselection, the three candidates for each award will be invited to give a short presentation of about their entry during the workshop; make a reservation in your calendar on 11 May 2023, Paris, France. After the pitches of the top 3 of each award the participants in the workshop can vote for their favourite entry.

The Award winners will be announced during the conference dinner on 11 May 2023 in Paris, France.

Prizes are:
€1500 for the winning entry on the NICOLE Innovative Project Award 2023.
€750 for the winning application for the NICOLE Emerging Talent Award 2023

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