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4-5 May 2022

NICOLE Spring 2022 Workshop 

Program is released.

Download the Call for abstracts. Deadline for submission was 28 February 2022.

Following on from our fall workshop in October 2021, we have identified climate resilience to be a key driver for the future of land management and focus for our role as professionals in land stewardship. The ongoing global debate about climate changes related to CO2 emissions, biodiversity challenges, impacts of extreme weather events to our cities and infrastructures, has an impact as well on ongoing and future environmental industrial reclamation issues all our organizations and countries are facing, deserve a clear commitment and technical contribution by NICOLE Network. Therefore, we would like to invite you to share your concrete experiences and technical solutions on how to integrate climate resilience goals in industrial land management.

The NICOLE Spring 2022 workshop is planned to be in Brussels, 4-5 May, with subgroup meetings scheduled on the day before. We hope to meet you in Brussels. For those that are not able to come, we organized the workshop as a hybrid one.

The workshop will be dealing with several key areas:

  • Technical solutions to optimize the carbon storage in soil
  • Tools to calculate teh impact on climate from remediation activities or industrial land management activities
  • Technical solutions for optimal use of energy
  • Technical solutions for enhancing biodiversity in industrial land management
  • Technical solutions for use of industrial land management to benefit a Circular Economy
  • Digital tools to support internal and external communication of technical solutions
NICOLE Spring 2022 Workshop - Belgium Bruxelles
NICOLE Spring 2022 Workshop - Brussels, Belgium

The Organization Committee members:

  • Arne Huettmann - Umicore
  • Chantal Broeken - WSP
  • Claudio Albano - Jacobs
  • Edoardo Masut - ERM
  • Jess Shaw - Arcadis
  • Kathy Verhelst - Bekaert
  • Martina Antonucci - Golder Member of WSP
  • Merielle van de Graaf - Tauw
  • Michaela Bhend - Greensoil
  • Paolo Ciampi - Universita di Roma
  • Paul Verhaagen - HMVT
  • Pierre Jolly - Golder Member of WSP
  • Wouter Gevaerts - Arcadis

If you would like to share any ideas or suggestions for the workshop, please feel free to reach out to the organization committee, via the NICOLE Secretariat.

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