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11–13 March 2024

NICOLE & COMMON FORUM Joint Spring Workshop 2024

The Spring Workshop 2024, jointly organized by NICOLE and COMMON FORUM, brings together industry experts, researchers, regulators and environmental practitioners for an in-depth exploration of essential soil management topics.

Set in Brussels on Wednesday the 13th of March 2024 at BEL Brussels, this event will thoroughly explore pivotal issues within the overarching theme:

The Future of Managing Soil Contamination.
Impacts of the European Developments Regarding Soil Health and the Challenges of Emerging Contaminants.

Participants will have the opportunity to co-create new ideas through focused breakout sessions covering the following topics:

  • Handling of Emerging Contaminants
  • Exploring Soil Health on Industrial and Urban Land
  • Soil Care vs. Soil Cure
  • Leveraging Digital Environmental Data
  • Risk Assessment
  • Impact on Human Health

NICOLE Innovation Day – Monday, 11th of March 2024

The NICOLE Innovation Day is fully dedicated to bringing innovations for sustainable land management to NICOLE members. The setup of the day guarantees maximum interaction with peers, technology providers, and innovations.

In the morning of the NICOLE Innovation Day, the Mix&Match Event will present innovations that need a boost to advance to the next stage. Innovative partners will pitch their innovations to attendees and explain what they need to take them to the next stage of development. This could include samples, a pilot site, a pilot project, funding, or other support. After the pitches, you will have the opportunity to discuss in small interactive groups what the innovation could provide to your site or project. The submission deadline for the Call for Projects is until Friday the 9th of February. Read below more information about this call.

After lunch, the afternoon is dedicated to field demonstrations of innovations that have received or been nominated for the NICOLE Innovation Award. They will demonstrate their technology at a site of SPAQUE in Liège and explain improvements and developments since winning the NICOLE Innovation Awards. In the field, you will meet the following companies, people, and technologies in action: (click to on the arrows to expand)

NAGARÉ – flux measurement technology

At the NICOLE Innovation Day, Nagaré, last year's NICOLE Innovation Award winner, will demonstrate its groundwater flux measurement and monitoring technology. The equipment will be set up at a monitoring well so that participants can observe a typical Nagaré installation. Live results could be visualized on both a local and remote transmission platform. Nagaré will discuss with NICOLE members how such groundwater flux measurements can be used to optimize the management of the risk of pollutant dispersion through groundwater.

Injectis – SPIN® injection technology - injection of reagents for remediation

Injectis is a young, dynamic company founded in 2017 to perform groundwater remediation projects with the innovative SPIN® injection technology. Injectis focuses on in-situ soil and groundwater remediation through high-quality injection of the most appropriate reagents selected for the site. The SPIN® injection technology was specially developed for injecting into heterogeneous and low-permeability geologies. From experience gained from over 120 projects, it is evident that the controlled and monitored SPIN® injection process leads to accurate and precise application of the reagents, which is indispensable for efficient and sustainable in-situ soil remediation.

iFLUX – flux sensors for digital monitoring networks

iFLUX will demonstrate the iFLUX passive sampler and remote sensing solutions, from the planning process to results and actions in the field.

We will illustrate how we prepare monitoring campaigns and perform installations in the field.

We will focus on efficiently collecting field data, identifying potential pitfalls, and providing strategies to avoid mistakes or inaccuracies.

Given that we monitor over an extended period, we will showcase the effects of changing conditions over time, the dynamics involved, and how to customize measures accordingly.

EnISSA – Geoprobe with camera and GCMS, real time depiction and analysis

The investigation and remediation of contaminated sites often are fraught with uncertainty. In fact, the subsurface and distribution of contamination within it often prove to be very heterogeneous and difficult to predict.

Understanding contaminated sites starts with the right data density and quantity. By applying modern detection technologies such as HPT, OIP, and EnISSA's advanced MIP detection, a detailed picture of the contamination and subsurface can be obtained. Based on a solid dataset, reliable analyses and effective solutions can then be developed.

During this field demo, take a real-time look into the subsurface with the MIP, HPT, or OIP camera probe and experience how we strive for modern data-driven soil investigations supported by data dashboards and 3D visualizations.

TAUW – Natural Catch TAUW, a reactive mat with green adsorbents to increase the quality of surface water and to prevent risks

The demo showcases the Natural Catch TAUW, a reactive mat with green adsorbents that underwent further development after winning the NICOLE Technology Award in 2013 for its concept.

Its functionality is based on three sequential nature-based principles: 1. natural drainage of contaminated groundwater, 2. adsorption of contaminants to a green adsorbent, and 3. biological degradation of contaminants by a bacterial habitat.

The objective is to enhance the quality of surface water and mitigate risks.

A full-scale mat measuring 110 meters long and 5 meters wide is installed in a canal in Ghent (EU project RESANAT).

Visitors will have the opportunity to examine the fabric of the mat, biochar as a green adsorbent, and observe an adsorption test with biochar.

Additionally, insights into our experiences with the full-scale application in Ghent will be shared.

Conference Dinner – Tuesday, 12th of March 2024

At the end of the NICOLE Member Day, the conference dinner will be held in collaboration with COMMON FORUM, providing an opportunity for further networking and collaboration.

Location: La Fabbrica, Avenue du Port 86C BT5, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


NICOLE members: We kindly request you to register via the NICOLE portal. You will find the registration link on the event page of the workshop.

If you are not a member of NICOLE or you want to join with more than 3 colleagues, please contact Chayenne van Dijk.

Workshop location

Date: 13 March 2024
Location: BEL Brussels
Address: Havenlaan 86c/3002, 1000 Brussel, Belgium (Directions)

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