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20 October

Information on Mix & Match 

A virtual Meeting in the Gather.Town app on the 20th of October 2022

Inviting: Industrial members, academic research partners, and service providers including start-up
companies to participate in a Project Matching Session on innovative solutions to Sustainable
Contaminated Land Management.
The Network for Industrially Co-ordinated Sustainable Land Management in Europe (NICOLE) has the
pleasure of inviting international stakeholders and experts to take part in a virtually hosted event where
innovative solution providers and problem holders can meet, share ideas in an open forum and make
contacts for future collaborations.

This is a great opportunity to celebrate innovation, promote new ideas and build bridges between the
academic/startup and the industry/contracting/consultancy worlds!
This specially organized event follows on from a highly successful in-person session from the NICOLE
Workshop in Frankfurt in 2018. Again, we are seeking companies, organizations or academic partners
with innovative technologies and solutions, these to bring their research projects and emerging products
or services related to Sustainable Contaminated Land Management for real-world industrially impacted
sites from our industrial and consultancy members, potentially leading to pilot projects.

What’s in it for you?

This dedicated networking event gives you the opportunity to meet the key players in European
sustainable contaminated land management: problem owners, consultants and technology providers
interested in industrial sites. You will be given the opportunity to present your service, product, project
or problem. You can discuss your project, product or service and potentially link it to a real case.
This could be through a pilot project on a site, help with further development of your project, product or
service or other offering. Upon selection of your project, product or service, you will be invited to the
1.5 hour Mix and Match session for dedicated discussions with stakeholders regarding the needs you
may have to take the next steps in the development of your innovation. Your project, product or service
will be promoted in advance of the event, on the NICOLE website and in the NICOLE Newsletter.

What projects, products or services are we looking for?
The innovative projects, products, services, or novel problems you want to showcase can relate to one
or more themes of Contaminated Land Management. Where your innovation’s (technology) readiness
level has reached a point where a pilot would be beneficial for feasibility testing and/or upscaling. This
• New Remediation Technologies (in situ and on site)
• New technologies and approaches for Site Characterization
• New tools for contaminated site management (land stewardship, natural capital assessment,
liabilities, financing, contracting….)
• Novel ways to manage, transfer and terminate liabilities
• Short term aggressive technologies in the context of termination of liability
• A specific focus on emerging contaminants, complex site conditions, mixed contaminants

Universities, research institutes, start-up companies and companies with new technology ideas who
have potential projects, products or services or novel problems requiring solutions to offer are invited to
provide a 1-page summary outlining their innovation, the objectives and scope of future site related work
or the particular problem that requires an innovative solution. Your summary will be evaluated based on
the following criteria:

  1. Use the template for your proposal
  2. Clarity of content, language, and structure of the proposal
  3. Relevance to the above-mentioned topics
  4. Degree of innovation/ novelty
  5. Potential for commercial application
  6. Technology readiness level
  7. Implementation plan, if any, on the proposal
  8. Team background and capabilities (including financial)

Our intention is to share the summaries with the Innovation Working Group, a group of industrial,
consulting and academic NICOLE members in advance of the workshop. The Working Group will make
a selection based on the above-mentioned criteria and the likely interest of NICOLE members.

Summaries should be sent by 26 August 2022 to the NICOLE secretariat.

Parties selected for the Mix & Match session will be notified by 9 September 2022.

The projects selected, will be given exposure via the dedicated Workshop session, articles in NICOLE
newsletters and on the NICOLE website.

The Mix & Match session and workshop will take place on the 20 October 2022 as an online event.

If you have further questions, please send them by email to the NICOLE secretariat.

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