Soil Quality

Problem statement

It is estimated that a third of the world’s soil is moderately to highly degraded, soil supports countless ecosystems and is essential for sustaining life. The pollution of soils, loss of topsoil's and erosion are all contributing to the degradation of this vital resource.  


Key stakeholders

  • Site owners
  • Regulators
  • Laboratories
  • Contractors
  • Consultants


Knowledge base

  • EU soil strategy for 2030
  • Summary of the state of the environment: Soil Environmental Agency England
  • Scottish Government: State of the Environment - Soil Quality Report
  • Soil quality – A critical review - Bünemann et al 2018



  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive protection policy
  • Increasing carbon storage in soils
  • Reducing the application of pesticides and chemicals
  • Reducing soil sealing


Member priorities

  • Restoring or improving soil quality
  • Improving soil Biodiversity
  • Natural capital assessment
  • Land stewardship


Working Partnerships

  • Linking site owners and innovators (universities, start-ups, small companies)
  • Promote partnerships between NICOLE members and innovators
  • Promoting best practice


Research and innovation stage


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