New Remediation Technologies

Problem statement

New remediation technologies have recently followed two major trends : 1) increased attention to sustainability has pushed towards natural solutions, and 2) the need to address recalcitrant contaminants has pushed an array of new technologies, often energy intensive. There is a need to connect new technology development to the market and assess their validity.


Key stakeholders

  • Contractors
  • Regulators
  • Laboratories


Knowledge base



  • Identifying suitable new technologies
  • Scale up from bench to field trials
  • Demonstrating proof of concept for regulatory approval and independent verification
  • Providing sites for field scale trials


Member priorities

  • Natural recovery technologies (MNA, wetlands, sediment recovery, etc.)
  • In situ Bioremediation
  • On Site soil treatment technologies (soil washing, bio-piles, landfarming, etc.)


Working Partnerships

  • Linking site owners and innovators (universities, start-ups, small companies)
  • Promotion of the development of from innovation to full scale and supporting funding
  • Promote partnerships with innovators


Research and innovation stage

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