Net Zero & Sustainability

Cross-cutting theme


Problem statement

The investigation, assessment and remediation of contaminated sites needs to meet the actions of the Sustainable Development Goals and national Net Zero ambitions to deliver carbon-neutral projects without impacting climate change.


Key stakeholders

  • Site owners
  • Site investigation companies
  • Laboratories
  • Contractors
  • Consultants


Knowledge base

  • Low carbon technologies
  • Sustainable Remediation Forum
  • Outputs of COP26
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals



  • Embed the circular economy in projects
  • Energy Transition to renewable or low carbon energy
  • Sustainable remediation
  • Meeting Net zero targets
  • Nature based solutions


Member priorities

  • Meeting Net zero targets
  • Sustainable remediation
  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Natural recovery technologies


Working Partnerships

  • Linking site owners and innovators (universities, start-ups, small companies)
  • Promoting best practice to NICOLE partners
  • Promoting partnerships with innovators


Research and innovation stage


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