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If you are interested in joining NICOLE please click on the button below or contact the NICOLE community manger


NICOLE’s members come from industrial companies, service providers/technology developers, universities and independent research organisations and governmental organisations, all working in contaminated land management.

Membership entitles you to attend sub-group meetings, workshops, and thematic working groups:

  • 2 or 3 Industry Sub-group meetings per year (for industrial members only)
  • 2 or 3 Service Providers Sub-group meetings per year (for service providers only)
  • 1 or 2 network meetings/workshops per year on topics of importance for contaminated land management
  • Thematic Working Group meetings
  • Newsletter and NICOLE Community Portal

Besides the deliverables such as position papers, thematic reports, meeting reports and newsletters there are a number of other benefits for NICOLE members, such as the possibility of joint research activities, a window to colleague-networks as Common Forum, and a meeting place for exchange of experiences.

Membership is on an organizational level for companies and at an individual level for researchers
and representatives from other non-profit organizations.

Members NICOLE Organization

"For researchers NICOLE provides excellent possibilities for dialogue with Industry. VEGAS has been a member since the start of the network in 1996, and has benefited greatly from the links with problem owners and consultants in the research and development of better solutions for contaminated land problems."

Hans-Peter Koschitzky, University of Stuttgart / VEGAS, Germany.

"NICOLE provides a window to understand the key research needs of Industry related to contaminated land. These needs are discussed in an open and professional environment and always with the target of getting things done."

Laurent Bakker, Tauw, the Netherlands

"The international character and the very high level of the workshops, make it “a must” for remediation experts to be a member of the NICOLE network."

Lucia Buvé - UMICORE

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