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Technology Award 2015: Innovative Investigation or Remediation Technology or Practice, leading to a more time-and/or cost-efficient remediation

After the nominated top three candidates presented their submitted abstracts to the Manchester workshop, the participants voted to determine the final result. In a tightly contested competition, the proposal on "Solar/Wind-Powered Subgrade Biogeochemical Reactors" submitted by Claudio Albano and Bill Diguiseppi (CH2M, see picture) turned out to be the winner of the Technology Award 2015.

Technology Award 2015 Winners -  Innovative Investigation or Remediation Technology or Practice
Technology Award 2015 Winners

The 2nd place winner is "Innovative remediation technology for the treatment of PFC/PFAS-contaminated groundwater" proposed by Quentin Hulm (Cornelsen).

The 3rd place winner is "Brownfield Remediation of Hexavalent Chromium Using an Innovative Form of Calcium Polysulphide" submitted by Richard Bewley (AECOM). 

NICOLE extends its congratulations to all participants for this remarkable achievement. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to each and every individual who submitted their abstracts, as they have formed the cornerstone of what promises to be an outstanding edition of the NICOLE Technology Award.

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