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Technology Award 2013:  Sustainable remediation by using natural or reusable/recycled materials

During the NICOLE Workshop November 2013 in Namur Belgium the 3 nominees for the NICOLE Technology Award 2013 were announced.

The winner of 2013 NICOLE Technology Award is Tobias Praamstra, consultant in in-situ soil remediation, TAUW.  The basis of the concept is to prevent expensive, non-durable and non-sustainable remediation techniques for chemical landfills/leachate. The solution is using a (local) natural (rest) product for the absorption of contaminants in combination with other sustainable remediation steps.

The runner-up in the NICOLE Technology Award 2013 is Maurice Henssen Bioclear BV. His second winning concept is: "Sustainable chlorinated ethylene remediation... using nature and equipment effectively".

The 3rd price winner is Johan van Leeuwen at Dutch Railways (SBNS). His third winning concept presented several engineering designs for the Dutch railway sustainable remediation.

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