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Innovation Award 2017: Innovative remediation, monitoring and control technologies to deal with challenging contaminants, leading to time-and/or cost-efficient sustainable remediation solutions

During the NICOLE Workshop November 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark, the 3 nominees for the NICOLE Innovation Award 2017 were announced.

The winner of 2017 NICOLE Innovation Award are Goedele Verreydt and Tim Op ‘t Eyndt, Antwerp University, with 'iFlux Integrated passive groundwater mass flux sampling technology'.

The runner-up in the NICOLE Innovation Award 2017 is Prof. Russel Thomas, WSP, with 'Ultra-resolution analysis of coal tars'.

The 3rd price winner is Anke Heckelsmüller, RiskComGmbH, with 'Innovative in-Situ Injection Technology i-SAV©'.

The presentations are available to NICOLE members on the NICOLE Community Portal.

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