Contaminated Site Management

Problem statement

Conventional risk-based approaches to contaminated site management are tried, tested and improve over time. They now face new opportunities to adapt in response to the current societal challenges including sustainability and resilience to climate change.


Key stakeholders

  • Consultants
  • Regulators
  • Contractors


Knowledge base

  • Sustainability is a current and relevant issue
  • Risk-based approaches underpin CLM
  • Climate Change is well established
  • Public and private sectors undergoing digital transformation



  • Improving land stewardship
  • Assessing and improving natural capital
  • Methodologies/ frameworks and tools
  • Climate change adaptation


Member priorities

  • Land stewardship
  • Natural capital assessment
  • Managing liabilities
  • Financing land management
  • Contracting


Working Partnerships

  • Links between problem holders, digital specialists and innovators
  • Collaborative research with academics
  • Partnerships with Plantec and software companies


Research and innovation stage


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