Complex Site Conditions

Problem statement

Complex site conditions can provide a significant constraint to understanding the conceptual site model and risk assessment of existing and emerging contaminants. These can manifest themselves in the form of multiple sources, difficult geological condition and limitations as a result of site constraints.


Key stakeholders

  • Site owners
  • Site investigation companies
  • Consultants
  • Contractors


Knowledge base

  • Characterisation of variable and complex geology requires specialist drilling and monitoring equipment
  • HS&E risks need advanced management
  • New technologies such as UAVs and sensors can be used to support development of CSM
  • ITRC – Remediation Management of Complex Sites



  • Treatment of multiple sources of contamination
  • Difficult geology or hydrogeology
  • Heterogeneous aquifers
  • Long Term Management


Member priorities

  • Equipment
  • Sensors
  • Drilling techniques
  • Remediation technologies


Working Partnerships

  • Forging links between tech innovators and Site Investigation/consulting companies
  • Building links with geological hazard research centres
  • Links between Site I nvestigation companies and contractors with research hydrogeologists


Research and innovation stage

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