Cross-cutting theme


Problem statement

The digital transformation of the brownfield industry is underway and has the ability to deliver fundamental change to the sector. From the improved understanding of large portfolio data sets, remote monitoring via the Internet of Things and application of Artificial Intelligence to problem-solving, this field provides a wide variety of opportunities for NICOLE members. 


Key stakeholders

  • Site owners
  • Site investigation companies
  • Laboratories
  • Contractors
  • Consultants


Knowledge base

  • National Artificial Intelligence strategies
  • Industry reports on digital transformation
  • Big data analytics for sustainable cities
  • Internet of Things for Sustainable Community Development, Wireless Communications, Sensing, and Systems 2019



  • Intelligent safety systems
  • Tracking of waste
  • Real time site monitoring
  • Aerial/UAV surveys
  • Rapid evaluation tools
  • Intelligent controls for remediation systems
  • Safe use of Artificial Intelligence


Member priorities

  • Improving Safety
  • Tracking Materials
  • Real Time monitoring
  • Remote sensing


Working Partnerships

  • Linking site owners and innovators (universities, start-ups, small companies)
  • Partnering with tech suppliers to develop systems in the field
  • Promote partnerships between NICOLE members and innovators


Research and innovation stage


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