Revealing the hidden values of
the site: social importance,
cohesion and welfare, temporary
nature, etc.
Finding the balance between
impacts of industrial activity and
the overall value and benefits
for the community.
Decision making on optimizing
the use and value of land, in
times of operation, redevelopment
or for remediation
Strengthening the relationship
with the neighbourhood
community and other stake-
holders through communication
on the broader values of the site
Industry responds to societal need for goods & brings welfare and employment
- Optimizing the use and value
- Strengthening the relationship
- Finding the balance between impacts
- Revealing the hidden values of the site
However, Industrial activity includes working under permits and possible impacts to the environment
Requiring a balance between delivering value versus environmental protection and social impacts.

Thus: Towards working with nature for remediation, temporary use for sports, more biodiversity, etc.
Redevelopment and value creation of derelict land and limiting the use of green fields