Diffusely degraded land at a regional scale and urban areas: LS can help revitalize and increase the value and benefits
Brownfields: LS is a perfect tool for creating support for (nature, recreational etc.) redevelopment by visualizing the potential of unlocking values
Active industrial sites: LS can underpin the broad value of the use and help improve that value and community relationship
Scope and scale
Visualizing Value
Key elements of Land Stewardship
LS is about natural capital and social and economic value and benefits that land brings to human wellbeing and welfare.
LS offers tools for optimizing Land management by effectively visualizing:

- The added overall value of investments to Land Owners
- The value of industrial use to society
- The interaction between benefits, use and natural value

There are many tools for visualizing land stewardship; in the second part of our guide we mention various categories of tools and examples
Stakeholder and community engagement beyond the fences
Understand and visualize the natural and social values of Land for decision making and management
Interdependency of land, society and economy
Applicable along the full lifecycle; long-term horizon
- Benefits of redeveloping derelict land
- Enhancing the value and attractiveness of areas
- Social and environmental benefits of use by industry
There is not a single pathway to Land Stewardship; the route may
vary in different regions and under different
“Land stewardship is a more mature way of looking at sustainable land management”, Johan de Fraye, Signify, NICOLE Chair
Land Stewardship can have different focus points and aims in different settings.