The Introduction
“Land Stewardship (LS) is the collective recognition of the natural, social and economic capital that land possesses or may possess, and our responsibility and potential to unlock and conserve that value for the future” - NICOLE 2020

The second part is a practical digital tool. It provides a tiered, stepwise approach for industrial site managers and their consultants to implement Land Stewardship at their sites.

Land Stewardship is a dynamic process and so is this guide. It will be regularly updated with new information and case examples. This guide and our experiences are illustrated with cases. You will find links in the guide, and a full list of case examples can be found here:
Credits to the contributors
Task Force Land Stewardship NICOLE

Chair :                              Hans Slenders, Arcadis/ NICOLE
Co-chair/ editing:           Lida Schelwald, Envision-S/NICOLE
Members:                        Nicholas Tymko, Honeywell
                                         Laurent Bakker, Tauw
                                         Phil Crowcroft, ERM
                                         Paul Sheehan, Langan
                                         Euan Hall, The Land Trust
                                         Olivier Maurer, Golder
                                         Claudio Albano, Jacobs
                                         Johan de Fraye, Signify
                                         Wouter Gevaerts, Arcadis

For whom is this LS guide intended?
Together with the Common Forum, NICOLE issued a booklet on Land Stewardship in 2018, thereby exploring and explaining what the concept meant to them. Building on this booklet NICOLE proceeded in 2019/2020 to produce an easy to use and accessible guide for their members on how to put Land Stewardship into practice at their sites.
NICOLE’s industrial members, supported by the service providers and academic members, are committed to create value by connecting industrial land management to broader societal, ecological and economic challenges.
This digital guide is a next step to put LS into practice. It consists of two parts:
This digital LS guide provides information, inspiration through case examples and guidance to:

Industrial site managers who consider takings steps to implement Land Stewardship at their sites.

- Assisted by
Service providers, such as consultants and land development companies, helping them realise their plans,

- With the endorsement of
regional and local authorities, who enable the further development of Land Stewardship.

- Supported by sound science from the
Academic community.