National Grid

National Grid undertook an exercise to value, manage, and generate investment in the natural capital resources across selected sites on their non-operational land. A tool was developed to identify the different types of natural capital on their sites, estimate the financial value of the ecosystem services provided, and compare how these values change under different land management scenarios.

Land Stewardship Case Study 7
Case study
Using the tool the impact that woodland, grassland and freshwater on National Grid landholdings have on a range of services such as local air quality, recreation, carbon storage and flood defences was estimated. This compromised a six-step process for realising natural capital value on land that is privately owned.

The award-winning project has helped National Grid secure internal corporate funding for investing in natural capital enhancement on site and improved partnerships outside the business for ecosystem restoration projects across their UK estate. The approach is highly scalable and as a result National Grid is now rolling out the approach across their enterprise.

- Natural Capital on National Grid sites
- Ecosystem services provided
- Each of these ecosystem services
- Potential risks, opportunities and revenues
- More informed management decisions
- Benefits to National Grid and local communities
Case kindly provided by AECOM and National Grid