Land Stewardship Case Study 3
Case study
TERRA (Total Evaluation Responsible Remedial Approach)
In 2014 Bekaert initiated the TERRA (Total Evaluation Responsible Remedial Approach) process for a site, historically contaminated with chlorinated solvents. Remediation is necessary according to the Flemish soil legislation.
In a tiered process along the NICOLE Roadmap for sustainable remediation, and well within the framework of the Joint Position Paper with Common Forum, Bekaert sat together with internal and external stakeholders, including the authorities (OVAM-Public Waste Agency of Flanders), to identify the major sustainability indicators and options for the site.

In a series of 4 workshops the indicators were prioritized (what parameter is really of significant importance to the different stakeholders) and options were scored and evaluated. Indicators like “Responsible care” and “Community acceptance” were highly ranked and played a decisive role in the appraisal. Together, the stakeholders agreed on a remedial option based on appraisal of different options towards the selected prioritized indicators.
Case kindly provided by Bekaert, Arcadis and ERM