Land Stewardship Case Study 2
Case study
“Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori” A network for the land stewardship in Catalonia
The Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori (XCT) is a non-profit organization working to foster land stewardship as a conservation strategy for the natural, cultural and landscape resources and values of Catalonia and its environment.
Established in 2003, the XCT is a second-level organization made up of many different member organizations: over 150 associations, foundations, city councils, enterprises and persons contribute their views and work together to further develop land stewardship. Land stewardship materializes in voluntary agreements between the owners and managers of land, and land stewardship entities in order to maintain and recover the natural environment and landscape. Land trusts are public or private non-profit organizations that take an active part in preserving land and its values through mechanisms making land stewardship easier.
A main achievement:

The land stewardship contract has been recognized by the Catalan Civil Code (2017).


The philosophy and methodology of the XCT generate benefits for each of its members and for the organization as a whole. At present there are approximately 765 LS agreements in Catalonia, covering 40,000 Ha (1.25% of the territory of Catalonia).

Case and photo kindly provided by MediTerra, Spain on behalf of Xarxa de Custòdia del Territori